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ControlCenter anchors your dealership’s marketing and operations through an intuitive interface, program-wide analytics, and robust training resources. Everything’s built to work together and deliver the smoothest experience possible. Plus, each product is mobile-friendly and configurable, so you can work however, and wherever you want.


New Bikes - Research, Compare and New Bike Prices

ControlCenter’s analytics measure every aspect of your digital program, from “30,000 feet” to the ground level. Customizable dashboards offer single-point or group-wide analytics and measure everything from from high-level campaign impact to the performance of every individual tool. Plus, results are custom-tailored to both your own specific goals as well as overall industry benchmarks.

Comprehensive Service

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As a client, you’ll get a Digital Advisor committed to optimizing every aspect of your solution, industry-leading tech support, and robust product training resources. We also offer comprehensive managed services to ensure your website, search and social presence consistently hit the widest possible audience.

Deals - Discounts and Offers on New Cars products are designed for anyone who works in, or with, the car business, from single-point dealers and multi-rooftop groups to ad agencies. This flexibility, rooted in a commitment to each individual dealership, has propelled us to the most OEM relationships in the industry and partnerships with over 90 percent of the nation’s top 125 dealer groups.